Turn your PASSION for content creation into a PROFIT.

Learn how to build a profitable content creation business from the ground up with the Travel Creator Masterclass.



You want to be a travel content creator but don’t know where to begin

You are unsure on how to approach brands and get paid for creating content

You don’t know how to stand out in a saturated market of travel creators

You feel stuck when it comes to growing your social media audience

You struggle to efficiently plan and create content that actually performs

You are ready to take content creation seriously and pursue your dreams


Work from anywhere in the world on your own schedule

Know exactly how to create content that performs

Understand how to pitch, negotiate and secure brand deals

Have an engaged & consistently growing social media following

Get paid to travel the world & have once-in-a-lifetime experiences

Live the life you’ve always dreamt of but didn’t think was possible


“I loved Travel Creator Masterclass! It’s full of very practical information and homework after each lesson which has really helped me to take action on my content creation journey. Nicola is very supportive and answers any questions along the way.”

– Audrone, TCM student



MODULE 1: Getting Started with Travel Content Creation

1.1 UNDERSTANDING THE INDUSTRY: 5 travel content creator myths debunked

1.2 HOW TO GET STARTED: Working around time and money constraints

1.3 OVERCOMING IMPOSTER SYNDROME: Getting in a mindset of success

1.4 DEFINING YOUR WHY: The ultimate secret to longevity in the industry

MODULE 2: Standing Out in a Saturated Market

2.1 FINDING YOUR IDEAL NICHE: Turning your passions into the key to success

2.2 CHOOSING A BRAND NAME: Step-by-step process for a name that sticks

2.3 ESTABLISHING A PERSONAL BRAND: How you will stand out from the crowd

2.4 PERSONAL BRAND GUIDELINES: The building blocks to your unique brand

MODULE 3: Levelling Up the Quality of Your Content

3.1 TAKE BETTER VIDEOS: 10 ways to level up your phone videos

3.2 EDIT BETTER VIDEOS: Tutorial for on-the-go mobile editing

3.3 TAKE BETTER PHOTOS: 10 ways to level up your travel photos

3.4 EDIT BETTER PHOTOS: Editing tutorial for mobile + desktop

MODULE 4: Developing a Fool-Proof Content Strategy

4.1 DEVELOPING A CONTENT STRATEGY: The importance of your content pillars

4.2 MAGIC CONTENT FORMULA: Creating content that consistently performs

4.3 MAKING A CONTENT PLAN: Steps for efficient + consistent content creation

4.4 CONTENT PLAN TUTORIAL: How to implement a content plan template

MODULE 5: Fast-tracking your Social Media Growth

5.1 SETTING UP FOR SUCCESS: Simple SM tricks to see instant audience growth

5.2 HOW TO GROW ON INSTAGRAM: Easy ways to rapidly grow a community


5.4 REPURPOSING FOR YOUTUBE + FACEBOOK: Working smarter not harder

MODULE 6: Sustainably Monetizing as a Content Creator

6.1 AFFILIATE MARKETING: How to monetize sharing the things you love

6.2 UGC + BRANDED CONTENT:  How to monetize you skills not your following

6.3 ADVERTISING REVENUE: How to monetize content and get paid in your sleep

6.4 SELLING DIGITAL PRODUCTS: How to monetize your knowledge & expertise

6.5 BRAND COLLABORATIONS: How to monetize the “traditional” way

MODULE 7: Securing Brand Partnerships

7.1 CREATING AN EFFECTIVE MEDIA KIT: Get brands begging to work with you

7.2 PITCHING TO BRANDS 101: How to craft an email that gets a response

7.3 WORKING WITH BRANDS: Top 10 tips for successful brand collaborations







Get value or get 100% of your money back.

My heart is to see everyone who takes this course succeed. That is why I offer a 100% refund to anyone who completes the course and still feels they haven’t gotten value from it. I don’t want this course to feel like a risk. I want you to take it knowing you are going to get a return on your investment, and if you don’t, you get your money back. Simple as that.

What people are saying:

For 5 years, I found myself so frustrated by social media. I put thousands of hours into creating content without seeing results. When I found Nicola, this began to change. She provided me with the personalized roadmap I needed to start confidently creating content with purpose.

Within a month, I had grown by 15,000 followers, had multiple videos go viral and had brands wanting to work with me.  I’m 100% sure this wouldn’t have been possible without Nicola’s help.”

– Cora Harrison @insideoursuitcase

I am so glad I found Nicola when I was starting out on my travel content creation journey. She gave me so invaluable advice on how to grow my social media audience and how to actually get paid by brands.

In the following months I saw my social media rapidly growing and I now have over 320,000 followers across TikTok and Instagram .  I now make really good money, and have been able to quit my job and go full-time with travel content creation!

– Louise Wilshaw @loulouexplores

As travel content creator, I previously relied on brand deals as a sole source of income. Nicola has taught me so much on ways that I can monetize my travel content that I had never previously considered.

She has also provided me with the practical steps to getting my travel blog up and running. I spent ages being too afraid to even make the first move and this gave me the confidence to go for it. It doesn’t come without hard work, but Nicola has been insanely helpful in providing a clear structure to follow.

– Nikitia Bathia @nikitabathia

Nicola gave me the best actionable advice that totally changed my reels strategy and got my engagement soaring. After years of feeling stagnant, I’ve seen a steady increase in my following and had mutiple reels go viral. 

She’s great at sharing really practical tips for content creation, working with brands and monetizing content. She’s the best at what she does and her easy-to-follow advice is invaluable.

– Jayne Gorman @jayneytravels



Lifetime access to course + all future updates ($999)

Lifetime membership to exclusive support group ($349)

Lightroom preset bundle for desktop + mobile ($199)

Brand guidelines + content calendar template ($299)

Media kit + pitch email templates ($299)



x 3 monthly payments

(or $987 upfront payment)



Get a FREE personalized social media audit with Nicola when you enroll before 1/2/2024











Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for anyone who is ready to turn their passion for travel and content creation into a profitable business. To qualify, you DO NOT need an existing social media following or any prior experience. You DO need to be passionate, determined, and willing to put in the work.

How do I know the course is going to work for me?

If you are skeptical about taking an online course, I get it. There are so many scammy online courses around making ridiculous claims like “Get paid $100,000 to travel in 2 months!” The worst part is, most of the time these courses are run by people who have never worked a day in the industry.

Let me be clear- this is NOT one of those courses. I am not here to make hollow promises that you are going to make X amount of money in X amount of time. However, I can promise you that this course is a practical, step-by-step roadmap that has led me and many others to have successful and profitable careers as travel content creators. If you dedicate yourself to following these steps, you will find similar success.

Remember, I started Polkadot Passport in 2014 with NO IDEA what I was doing. I wasn’t anybody special… Just a 19-year-old girl, who like you, was passionate about traveling and creating content. I’ve now been a full-time travel content creator for over 9 years.

This means everything in the course comes from my REAL-WORLD experience. This course has been years in the making, and I am not gatekeeping ANY of my knowledge. After years of trial and error, I have figured out what does and what doesn’t work. By going through this course, you can fast-track your content creator journey by avoiding the mistakes I made and acquiring the knowledge I wish I had when I started out.

Plus, if you get to the end of this course and feel like it hasn’t provided you with the value you were hoping for, I’ll give you a 100% refund. Simple as that.

Do I already need a following to take this course?

Absolutely not. You do not need a single follower to take this course.

A common myth of travel content creation is that you need a large social media following in order to get paid. This is simply not true. In fact, one of the core lessons in this course is about learning how to make money from your travel content WITHOUT an existing social media following.

Now, you may be wondering how someone with over 600,000 followers on social media knows this. During the pandemic, not being able to travel meant that Polkadot Passport went on hold. I ended up starting another niche account for fun. Within months, I was earning a liveable income with under 3,000 followers!

This is not to say having a social media following isn’t important. Having a social media following will undeniably provide you more opportunities and more income. The point is you don’t need to wait till you have a large audience in order to start monetizing your travel content.

How much time am I going to have to invest?

The Travel Creator Masterclass contains 7 modules. Each module contain 3-6 video lessons which can be watched in under an hour. There will also be practical exercises to accompany each module. To get the most out of the course, I would recommend assigning a few hours to these exercises each week.

However, this is just a recommendation. You’ll have lifetime access to the course and all future updates, so you can take the entire thing at your own pace. 

When does the course begin?

Travel Creator Masterclass will officially open again on the 19th February 2024. On this date, you will receive access to the online course + TCM support group.

Remember, if the timing doesn’t work for your schedule, you can take the course at your own pace and will have lifetime access to all the modules.

What is the the social media audit bonus?

The social media audit bonus is where Nicola will analyse and review all of your social media channels, and will send you a presentation of personalised feedback and suggestions for improvement. To claim this bonus, you must sign up for the Travel Creator Masterclass before the 1st February 2024. You can claim the audit at any point up until the 15th of April 2024.

Hey, I’m Nicola!

I’m the full-time travel content creator behind Polkadot Passport. For the past 9 years, I have been lucky enough to pursue my dream career of getting paid to create content and travel the world. However,  this did not happen overnight.

When I graduated from high school, I felt completely directionless. I knew I was super passionate about travel and photography, but I had no idea how to make a living out these passions. Back then, the career of being a travel content creator did not exist.

I started two different university courses and dropped out of both. I ended up working three jobs at once to save money to go on my first solo overseas trip. After spending 4 months travelling the world capturing content (and draining my bank account to do so), I came home BEYOND DETEREMINED to turn my passions into a career.

It was at this point that I found out you could actually make a living from running a travel blog. So, I started Polkadot Passport. It was FAR from an overnight success. But, I committed myself to consistently posting high-quality content. Slowly but surely, my audience started to grow, brands started to approach me, and I actually started to make a profit.

Fast forward nine years, and Polkadot Passport has now amassed a social media following of 500,000 and receives over 10 million monthly views. I’ve been paid to travel to over 60 countries, working with incredible brands like Disney, Singapore Airlines, Bentley Motors and Canon.

I went from feeling lost and directionless to living out my dream of travelling the world and creating content. You deserve to do the same.

That is why I created the Travel Creator Masterclass- to equip you with skills you need to turn your passion for travel content creation into a profitable career.